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Rebecca Walker.

This site has been carefully designed and developed by Rebecca Walker. Rebecca has over 10 years Web experience with 4 years specialising in Search Engine Optimisation - getting your site ranked and with good listings on the top search engines: Google; Yahoo; MSN; etc.


Recent sites.

To see some of my most recent sites please click on one of the links below:

KPM Carpets and Flooring Ltd, Oxfordshire.
(Developed November 2009)

A site designed and developed using stunning photography. Heavily optimised for the search engines and turned around quickly.

To view KPM Carpets and Flooring Ltd click:

St Marys Infant School, Witney.
(Developed October 2009)

St. Mary's was developed using a Content Management System called Wordpress this enables the user to add and edit content themselves, no longer needing to outsource and pay for extra development that could be carried out in-house. The sites uses a Theme which I have then edited using CSS style sheets and various coding plugins to suit their requirements.

To view St. Mary's C of E Infant School, please click on the link:

The Farmhouse Nursery School, Witney.
(Developed October 2010)

The Farmhouse Nursery School also has its own CMS using Wordpress.
To view the Farmhouse Nursery School, please click on the link:

(Developed May 2011)

A good website showcasing inspirational home accessories & gifts from their boutique in Summertown, Oxford. Possible PayPal option coming soon.
To view the Home Accessories shop in Oxford please click on the link:

Addarena Sheepskin Rugs
(Last developed 2006/7)

Addarena was originally designed by another web designer and I was asked to come in on a consultancy basis to get them listed on the top search engines and getting good results. At the time there were indexed but not doing well for any of their key terms. After a little work on the coding and meta tags Addarena was soone getting listed as number 1 or 2 for many of their key terms.

To view Addarena Sheepsking Rugs, please click on the link:

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